About Me


I graduated from the NFTS in 2015, receiving a distinction on my Masters from the Royal College of Art. Before that I studied at Leeds College of Art and Design and hold a BaHons in Digital Media from my time there.

I’ve worked at Ubisoft as a VFX artist on computer games and in advertising for several years before being offered a place at the NFTS on a BBC scholarship to study Visual Effects for film. 

I’ve been compositing in Nuke for the past 3 years and After Effects for several years previously and have since worked at Framestore, MPC, The Senate and various other companies in and around London.

I’ve worked on several award winning and nominated short films which have done well at festivals like Cannes, Annecy, the BAFTAs and the RTS awards. I also have some training in Baselight, Resolve and Nucoder and have graded several short films.


Recent compositing credits:

Thor – Ragnorok

Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Kingsman 2


Tear Me Apart

Beats by Dre – Euro 2016 – (Stuido Okay)
Virgin Trains – Bound For Glory (MPC)
Wilfred Tsonga – Rexona (MPC)
M&S – The Art of Summer (MPC)
Huawei/Leica p9 – Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill (MPC)
Channel 4 – Underdog (MPC)
Ikea – Paradise (MPC)
Quantico/Lexus/ABC – The Takedown (Unit9)

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar ft Mark Stanley and Tony Osoba (Colonel Blimp)
Dark Was the Night
Fuel to Fire
Those Who Are Lost

The Alan Dimension – Lead Comp (Cannes/Edinburg/Annecy)
ManOMan (Bafta)
After The End